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About Us


Our biggest design asset is that our items adjust in size! Subtle adjustable features are hidden in plain sight whether it be straps, multiple button options or a rolled cuff. This means the product 'grows' with your child, allowing you to get a lot more wear out of it. For our items that do not physically adjust , they have been specially designed to have plenty of growing room. Along with that, our products are comfortable. We use the highest quality of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and organic chambray. Not only is it better for our environment but let's face it, if it isn't comfortable enough to play in, it doesn't matter how cute it is, they won't wear it!


money penny will only ever make a small batch of their designs in the fabric options available. We like the recipients of our clothing to have an item that will be fun and unique to them. No mass producing on our end! When we feel we have met the limit, new items will start to appear and of course as the seasons change, out come the new designs. We are always planning ahead.

We source our materials from small businesses across Canada and Europe. We believe in working with the 'small guys ' to help boost economies and support fellow entrepreneurs.

Everything is 100% designed and made by hand in Canada.

"Quality over Quantity"

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