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Please read the 'MASK GUIDELINES' page before purchasing.


Made in Canada, KIDS size face mask. The pleated mask allows for more adjustability with fit. There is also a metal wire sewn in over the bridge of the nose to create a tailored fit. Double layered tightly woven cotton.



2 years +


100% Cotton main

100% Cotton lining




Available in adjustable ear hoops.




Machine wash, dry flat and Iron on medium heat.

Do not iron elastic bands.


Due to variations in people's screens, colours may differ slightly from image shown.

Pattern placement will vary. 


Disclaimer: These are not N-95 or medical grade masks. They are made to be worn as an added preventative measure to protect people from you. Money Penny masks have not been through any official testing and we cannot guarantee these masks will protect you from others. Masks should not be placed on anyone who has troubled or labored breathing, who are unconscious or are unable to put on and/or remove masks on their own. Do not sleep with masks on. Adult sized masks are not to be worn by children. Children should not be left unattended while wearing masks. Not recommended for children under 2 years of age.


Canadian Government official recommendations regarding non-medical face masks:

KIDS face mask – Potter

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